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Eighth Grade Trip Update as of 11/13/14

second deposit due before thanksgiving

November 13, 2014

Oranges & Grapefruits: The Florida Indian River Groves company has given a tentative delivery date of Monday,  Nov. 17. We are unable to guarantee that this is a firm date, but as soon as official confirmation is received, we will update schoology. The fruit will be delivered to the school and must be picked up there. Remember, the smallest box is 10 lbs, so all sellers should arrange for pick up.

Classic Snacks: The latest fundraiser, Classic Snacks, went out today. The orders are due back to Ms. Petrone, in room 212, by Thursday, Dec. 4. All items in this sale are $6.00 each. The profits are not determined until the sale has been submitted. The more we sell, the higher the profit percentages, beginning with 30%, and going up to 50%, depending on the group total.

Reminder: The second deposit, which must bring your account total to $225.00, is due before Thanksgiving. All checks, for deposits and fundraisers, are made out to "RJK Class of 2015."

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Gittleman ( or Ms. Petrone (