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New elementary report cards include progress notes and student growth plan

parents will see departure from standard report card format

October 20, 2014

When parents and guardians attend parent/teacher conferences in a couple of weeks, they will see a distinct change in the format of the elementary report card. Parents and guardians will receive Student Progress Notes, the district's revised version of the standard elementary report card. These progress notes are designed to give families an overall snapshot of the student's academic achievement.

The new report card will include:
• How the student performed on long-term assessments (NWEA, state assessments, benchmarks)
• How the student performed on short-term assessments (unit tests, quizzes, daily assignments)
• Areas of strength
• Areas to address

The final piece of the student's progress notes will be a Growth Plan, a message from the child’s teacher about specific goals for the student, based on the information outlined above. The new progress notes offers a clear and comprehensive look at each child, defining ways to MAXIMIZE his or her learning potential. Please see attached sample. [PDF]

"District officials believe that teachers’ primary focus should be teaching most effectively to each individual student. We believe that assigning a number grade, which essentially compares students to their classmates, does not accurately communicate a student’s progress or potential. We hope that the new, more descriptive system will help parents and teachers to more accurately measure a student’s growth throughout the school year," Superintendent of Schools Tammy Mangus said.

Parents and guardians will receive progress notes two times a year, the first at parent/teacher conferences on October 31 or November 5 or November 7, and then again on February 27. A formal report card will be distributed at year-end that outlines each child’s reading and math levels.

"We hope that you are as excited as we are about this more precise approach to measuring each individual student’s growth. Once you receive your child’s progress notes, please share comments or questions with your child’s teacher. We believe this new system will help enhance clear dialog between parents and teachers and improve positive outcomes for our students," added Superintendent Mangus.