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Safety alert for Monticello families

sullivan west school district student reportedly approached by stranger

October 1, 2014

The Monticello Central School District has received the following notification from the nearby Sullivan West School District:

The Sullivan West School District was notified today by the New York State Police that an incident occurred during yesterday’s afternoon bus run. A student was approached after exiting the bus by a person in a white SUV. The description was:

White male
Gray and black hair
Tattoo on his left hand with letters on the fingers

The suspect’s statement to the student was “your grandmother told me to pick you up." The student used safety training and did not enter the car.

The district's first priority is always the safety of our students. School officials are encouraging parents and guardians to talk with their children about being aware of their surroundings and to reinforce the following safety tips: 

  • If approached by a stranger, do not talk to him or her, just run away.
  • Within their walk route to and from school, or school bus stop, make sure your children know safe places they can run
    to — whether it is back to school, a store, a friend or a neighbor’s house.
  • Students should talk to an adult — parents, teachers and/or their principal — about anything that makes them feel unsafe.