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Fifth grade students thank Mrs. Sorensen for her support

June 26, 2015

Fifth grader students from Cooke Elementary School surprised Mrs. Jane Sorensen, the district's (Every Person Influence Children) EPIC Coordinator, with a floral basket. Students said they were grateful for Mrs. Sorensen’s never-ending support. This year, Mrs. Sorensen coordinated several educational field trips, STEM projects, the D.A.R.E. ceremony and secured 25 scholarships for all those students in fifth grade to go to the Bethel Wood Summer Theater Program.

Surprised Mrs. Sorensen responded, "It’s not every day that you have an entire 5th grade class cheering you on with pom poms and thanking you. You guys are GREAT! What you and your students did for me today is the highlight of my school year. I will never forget this moment."