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Congratulations Battle of the Books Winners!

June 19, 2015

61 fourth and fifth graders from Emma C. Chase Elementary School participated in America's Battle of the Books competitions this May and June.

Students were part of teams of 3-5 participants and read a total of 29 books from a list provided by Battle of the Books.

In the first battle, teams had 60 seconds to answer short questions about a book from the list and state the title and author of the book. These four top teams went on to the final round.

Congratulations to the following winners:

First place: David Shamah, Julia Kurthy, Khush Patel, Kyle Evans, Shealyn Leon
Second place: Michaela Byrons, Gillian Ibarra, Arya Bhatt, Maya Pacheco
Third and fourth place (tied): Sara Kolenovic, Madison Lee, Courtney Travis, Sara Daniels, Luke Norton, Ariana Bailey, Lukas Redzimski, Hunter Russo, Mathew VanHouten, Aiesha Singletary