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Students and staff practice kindness and pass it on

On June 16 School Lunch Manager and Chef Andrew Yeomans spotted a meaningful and memorable moment at Kenneth L. Rutherford Elementary School and wanted to share it with the rest of the Monticello Central School District Community.

Today, a kindergarten student from Mrs. Bright's class was given a dollar by her parents to buy a snack for lunch. Her two friends also wanted a snack but didn't bring money.

So... our little student came up with a brilliant idea! She tore her dollar into three pieces: one piece for her two friends and one for herself so she too could still buy a snack. Now, surely they could all have a snack today.

Unfortunately, as we know, a torn dollar bill cannot be used. Fortunately for our little kinder-kids, we have amazing people working for our district. When Miss Heidi, our Kenneth L. Rutherford Elementary School cook saw what their plan was, she took her own money, refused Mrs. Bright's, and purchased all three students a snack!

I thought this was something worth sharing with the rest of us. Every once in a while, amidst everything else going on in our lives, it's really nice to be centered and repurposed by a story of true kindness and thoughtfulness like this one. Hopefully it made you smile. I did.