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Students attend Fuel Up to Play 60 event at MetLife Stadium

June 16, 2015

On Tuesday, June 2, twelve students from Emma C. Chase Elementary School, along with Physical Education teacher Mrs. Tamara Coney and Athletic Director Mr. James Ryan attended a special youth summit held at the New York Giants’ MetLife Stadium in conjunction with the Fuel Up to Play 60 program.

Food Service Director Chef Andy Yeomans, and Culinary Staff Members Ms. Joanne Bova and JoAnn Ruggerio also attended the event.

Students and teachers at Chase were recently rewarded for their efforts to get active, eat healthy and make a difference in their school and community.

Fuel Up to Play 60 is a program founded by the National Dairy Council and the NFL, in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, that empowers students to take charge in making small, everyday changes at school, including being active for at least 60 minutes every day and consuming nutrient-rich foods. The Fuel Up to Play 60 program focuses on teaching students about the importance of proper nutrition, which not only gives them healthy bodies, but also healthy minds.
Chase’s involvement with Fuel Up to Play 60 began two years when Mrs. Coney became an ambassador. From that day forward, the school’s involvement in Fuel Up to Play 60 kept growing.

At the beginning of the 2014-15 school year, twelve students formed a committee to help plan and carry Chase’s plays for the 2014-15 school year. The students planned the Fuel Up to Play 60 kickoff event and chose the school’s Healthy Eating Play (called Snack Smarter) and Physical Activity Play (called In Class Physical Activity Breaks).

Here is an overview of what the committee did during each play:
For the “Snack Smarter in your School” play, students…
    • researched healthy snacks and prepared a power point, games and activities;
    • presented information and activities at a faculty meeting;
    • went to classrooms and presented, via PowerPoint, games and discussion about what makes a snack healthy or unhealthy; and
    • made a bulletin board with commonly eaten snacks and posted how much sugar is in each.

For the “In Class Physical Activity Breaks” play, students…
    • researched different websites that provide Brain Breaks in the classroom and chose GoNoodle;
    • chose appropriate activities on GoNoodle for different grade levels;
    • presented GoNoodle and had the teachers participate in one activity at a faculty meeting; and
    • went to classrooms and showed teachers how to use GoNoodle and did a GoNoodle activity with their class.

During their stadium visit, attendants got to meet former New York Giant Amani Toomer and former New York Jet Tony Richardson. After watching presentations bout the importance of healthy eating and physical activities, students enjoyed fun activities and delicious meals.