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Students honored with Physical Ed. Leader AwardSix students honored with Physical Education Leader Award

June 16, 2015

Six Emma C. Chase Elementary School students were recently honored with a Physical Education Leader Award at a ceremony at Washingtonville High School. The Leadership Award is given each year to students that exhibit outstanding leadership and excellence in Physical Education.

The honor is bestowed by the Catskill Zone of the New York State Association of Health, Physical, Education, Recreation and Dance (NYS AHPERD).

Congratulations to Owen Bassett, Kylie Caudy, Sage Evans, Courtney Travis, Ryan Weiner and Noah Hicks!

Since 1985, AHPERD has been recognizing students for their character, sportsmanship, citizenship and leadership both inside and outside of the classroom. Students are nominated by their physical education teachers. Students honored with Physical Ed. Leader Award

The selection criteria for the awards requires that the student:

  • demonstrates responsible personal and social behavior, sportsmanship and citizenship;
  • desires to learn and improve;
  • exhibits a physically active lifestyle;
  •  demonstrates leadership and is a positive influence on peers; and
  •  has contributed toward the total school program.

Students do not necessarily need to be the best athletes, however, they should meet the above criteria.