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Monticello Schools Board of Education Recognition Awards - June 2015

June 5, 2015

At its June 4 meeting, the Monticello Central School District Board of Education awarded individuals from the district for demonstrating a greater than average commitment to students, education and the district’s community.

These awards are reserved for extraordinary performances that exemplify excellence in education and goes above and beyond the typical responsibility of the individual.

The following teachers were recognized for their commitment to Monticello schools:

Jeanine Nielsen
Nominated by Monticello High School Principal Stephen Wilder

"Jeanine is a dynamic, passionate educator who constantly explores innovative instructional approaches to provide students with incredible learning opportunities. Jeanine embraces the use of technology in her classroom and has been a leader in piloting approaches such as the flipped classroom, mastery-based learning, and the implementation of new technologies to enhance teaching and learning,” said Mr. Wilder. “When you walk into her classroom the space exudes exciting learning experiences that are displayed throughout the room. Jeanine’s caring and accountable relationships with students demonstrates the passion she has for having positive impact on their lives.”

Sue Bahrenburg
Nominated by Monticello High School Principal Stephen Wilder

"Sue is an amazing educator. She is a learner who embraces new ideas and puts them into practice to improve the educational experience of her students. She is both directly and indirectly involved in the transformation of students’ lives and experiences as a teacher and director. As a teacher, she directly inspires and encourages students within the classroom to learn and do more,” said Mr. Wilder. “As a director, she works courageously to create new experiences that will transform students learning and help them be a part of a positive culture of learning and success.”

The following support staff were recognized for their commitment to Monticello schools:

Kelly Krier
Nominated by School Social Worker Maureen O’Meara

“Kelly never gets rattled, no matter what happens. She has the ability to remain calm under stressful circumstances. She has a kind, gentle approach with children,” said Mrs. O’Meara. “No matter what Kelly is asked to do, she does it willingly and efficiently. She is an integral part of the school community and we are proud to call her a part of the KLR family.”

Heidi Kennedy
Nominated by Food Services Director Andrew Yeomans

“Heidi works each day with a passion for service, a caring heart for all of the children she serves, and a palate and sense of flavor that is, for the most part, unheard of in the “School Lunch” realm,” said Mr. Yeomans. “Heidi keeps a separate budget in her household income so that she can bring snack money to school for students that may not see such treats at home. In fact, if there’s a child in tears within an earshot of Heidi, she’ll be there to “Make it all better.”

The following community members were recognized for their commitment to Monticello schools:

Ruth Price
Nominated by Wendy Seward and Joy Tunno, KLR School

"Ruth is our volunteer foster grandparent who comes in nearly every day before the school day even starts and works non-stop until the end of the teaching day. Ruth is always ready to help the students and the teachers she works with,” said Mrs. Tunno. “She brings years of experience, a positive attitude, a sympathetic listening ear and a caring heart to our students here at Rutherford.

Joyce Rivenburg
Nominated by Cindy Bright and Erin Mentnech, KLR School

Grandma Joy goes above and beyond her responsibilities as a volunteer  grandparent. She provides our students with outstanding services and is always responsive to the needs of those with whom she works with. She responds quickly and with caring and concern,” said Mrs. Mentnech. Teachers can always rely on Grandma Joy to do a fine job in their classroom. She demonstrates a
dedication and concern for our school that continues to earn her the respect and admiration of our students and staff."

In addition, the board of education recognized the Boys Basketball, Girls Alpine Ski and Boys Track and Field teams for their recent OCIA Championship wins and five teams as “Scholar Athletes.” Each year, the New York State Public High School Athletic Association honors teams that, as a whole, maintain a grade point average of 90 percent or greater. Each member of the team received a certificate and pin.

The following teams/students were honored as Scholar Athletes:

Softball – 95.62% GPA
Coach: Christine Baruffaldi
Christiana Poli
Brianna Bennett
Essence Gonzalez
Morgan Holloran
Courtney Swensen
Brianna Bowdren
Alexandra Stant
Sara Miller
Cristal Staten
Taylor Spargo
Allison LaRuffa

Girls Outdoor Track – 94.22% GPA
Coach: Matthew Daly
Laura Doherty
Heather Giza
Camryn Johnson
Sydney Johnson
Juliana Kane
Jahdeja Richards
Maria Shvartsman
Lexi Skordinski
Jillian McEneaney
Samantha Gray
Deandra Williams
Sarah Grodin

Boys Outdoor Track – 92.48 % GPA
Coach: Michael Fratto
Bryan Escobar Ramirez
Jeremy Lin
David O’Rourke
Andrew Surerus
Timothy Braunstein
Cameron Depew
Ryan Katz
Sean O’Rourke
Sherwin Anthony
Jonah Lilley
Stephen Radlein
Christopher Vanwarrebey

Boys Tennis – 91.85% GPA
Coach: Urvashi Gupta
Danny Pintado
Travis Kelly
Brendan O’Rourke
Wolf Wolbeck
Benjamin Ulrich
Devin Wiseman
Gerardo Barrera Giron
Daniel Aguirre
Justyn Kelly

Girls Golf – 91.26% GPA
Coach: Scott Fitchett
Maria Astras
Lena Episalla
Ciera Moore
Emily Edwards
Sara Jane Sorensen
Lauren Edwards
Fiona Feltman