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Advisory Board Members offer interview advice

Written in part by AOF member Jaclynn Sorensen

June 3, 2015

Advisory Board Members offer interview adviceEvande Giannini of Hospitality Green and Amanda Ward of The Center for Discovery recently visited Mrs. Swaine’s class and talked to Academy of Finance juniors about job interviewing. They stressed the importance of learning about the company you are interviewing at prior to attending the job interview. Ms. Giannini spoke about the qualities she looks for in a candidate which include integrity, motivation, capacity, knowledge and experience. Ms. Ward spoke about the behaviors expected at the Center for Discovery which include showing up, saying hello, tuning in, taking it slow, taking care of yourself, lending a hand to others, breathing, and building peace. She also spoke of the importance of being a doer. Both women also emphasized the importance of networking. Two mock interviews were conducted so students could see first-hand the type of questions interviewers asked and the best way to answer them. In addition, they gave advice on the types of questions job candidates should ask and writing thank you letters.

Richard Sush, Deputy Supervisor of the Town of Thompson and Stephen Wilder, Monticello High School Principal, talked to the AOF juniors in Mrs.Stephen Wilder at AOF  presentation Bahrenburg’s class about helpful tips on handling a job interview. They explained the importance of walking into an interview feeling confident while hiding that you are nervous.

Mr. Sush talked to the students about crafting what you are going to say and learning about the company before going into an interview. He also talked about dressing in appropriate clothing, giving a firm handshake, providing your full attention, and having eye contact the whole time.

Mr. Wilder taught the word SLANT to help the students with body language. The acronym stands for Sit up, Listen (actively), Ask (questions), Nod (shows you are following), and Track (the speaker with eyes and head-square your body up with the speaker). Both men pointed out that the resume is intensely important because it can lead you to an interview.  Two mock interviews were organized so the students could learn the questions that interviewers bring up and the proper way to answer them. At the end of the interview both men advised the students to shake hands and write a thank you letter.