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Students will remain on lock-out until their regular dismissal times

May 29, 2015

At approximately 1:40 p.m. Superintendent Mangus sent a notification via SchoolMessenger to all parents and staff regarding the district’s next course of action. Continue reading below for a copy of her notification.


As the end of the school day approaches, many of you might be wondering what the district’s next course of action will be. Students will remain on lock-out until their regular dismissal times. As an additional precautionary measure, all after school activities are cancelled.

I’d like to take a moment to explain the difference between a lock-out and a lock-down, and why a lock-out was implemented today.

A lock-out is a precautionary measure put in place to prevent a threat from entering school premises. Under a lock-out situation, all schools function “business as usual,” meaning that the students are permitted to travel from class to class and continue with their regular school day.

The district implemented the lock-out today following a recommendation from the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Department, whom we respect and trust.

A lock-down, on the other hand, would require all movement in the schools to stop. Students and staff would not be permitted to move from room to room or class to class.

The middle and high school lock-out will be lifted at 2:03 today for regular dismissal. The elementary building lock-out will be lifted at 3:00 for their regular dismissal. Police officials will be available on the premises during dismissals. Again, our only purpose is to take precaution during any out of the ordinary circumstance to ensure the safety of our students.

Be well,

Tammy Mangus
Superintendent of Schools