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Cooke students show support for U.S. Troops

June 3, 2014

In honor of Memorial Day 2014, The George L. Cooke Elementary School joined in a national movement called the GI Go Fund: Where Veterans Move Forward. We are very excited about having teamed with over 500,000 participants across The United States to show our appreciation and support of our troops past and present. The Cooke School Spirit Committee, co-chaired by Art Teacher Amy Garrett and Music Teacher Dawn Clayton, contacted Sgt. Joe Pace and the project that began in April grew to great proportions.

Teachers who donated $5 to the fund wore jeans to work on Thursday. May 22. Students wore red, white and blue. More than 200 pairs of men’s, women’s, and children’s blue jeans were collected to be given to the Sullivan County Veteran’s Agency to help those in need. A donation barrel set up in the Cooke lobby was overflowing with supplies and treats to be mailed to our troops serving in Afghanistan. Students designed cards to be handed out at Castle Point Veteran’s Hospital during art classes. The GI Go Fund is dedicated to help our troops find employment, return to college, get health care and find housing. For more information, please check out . That’s the Cooke spirit!

Photo: Art teacher Amy Garrett joins Jaiden Murran, Emily Brito, Sophia Antizzo, Riley Ann Doss, teacher Sadie Roosevelt and music teacher Dawn Clayton, Dylan Hardy, and Andrew Figueroa as they gather donations for the GI Go Fund.