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Successful business professional  helps entrepreneurs realize their dreams

Academy of finance students "in awe" of mr. galanti and his generosity

An Angel Visits the Academy of Finance

May 8, 2014...Ever wonder if there are angels on earth? Ask any of the International Business students and they will tell you with certainty that they have in fact met one. His name is John Galanti and he is an angel investor. Mr. Galanti is a humble man who, when he speaks, had everyone in the room on the edge of their seats anticipating what he would say next. The students were in awe of the man who experienced financial success early in life and now spends his days sharing his financial resources and extensive knowledge with entrepreneurs passionate about achieving their goals.

The key word here is passionate. Mr. Galanti shared with students that he would "rather invest his resources with someone who is passionate about solving a small problem than with someone who does not have the same zeal for resolving a large problem." When asked if he has ever made an investment in a start-up company that ultimately failed, his reply was simple, but profound, “If I invest a dollar in four companies that aren’t successful, but on the fifth company I make $10, then the investments in the first four were worth it."

Mr. Galanti shared examples of specific companies he has assisted as well his career background. His visit was arranged by AOF Club co-president, Jack Drapkin. Jack feels strongly about enhancing classroom learning by inviting guest speakers to share their experiences. Student Ynez Berg Jones would certainly agree. After Mr. Galanti’s visit, she could hardly contain her enthusiasm. “He is SO inspiring! I’m going to work hard and be successful in college!”