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Capital reserve fund and tennis courts propositions also pass

May 20, 2015

Monticello Central School District voters on Tuesday approved the 2014-15 school budget, with XXX casting votes in favor of the $82.6 million spending plan and XXX opposed.

Voters also approved the establishment of a capital reserve fund to be used to pay the cost of renovations identified during the district's Building Condition Survey. The district will transfer $8 million from existing monies in the unexpended fund balance and/or unexpended reserve funds to the new capital reserve fund. The vote count on this proposition was XXX in favor and XXX opposed.

In addition, voters approved the transfer of $650,000 from the district's unexpended fund balance to fund the construction of six tennis courts on the middle/high school campus. The vote count on the tennis court proposition was XXX in favor and XXX opposed.

Three vacant Board of Education seats were also filled. (* denotes incumbent):
Trustee 1:
Cathleen Crumley-Doherty: XXX  *Janice Yeomans: XXX
Trustee 2:
Adrianna Greco: XXX, *Bob Kunis: 448
Trustee 3:
*Susan Purcell: XXX

The results, announced about an hour after the polls closed, showed XX percent of theX,XXX total voters supported the budget. The spending plan called for a tax levy decrease of 5.09 percent and an overall decrease of .71 percent in spending. The budget maintains all current student programs.

District officials would like to thank the members of the Monticello community for their continued support of our schools.