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Incident involving student violence off campus on May 14, 2014 

May 15, 2014…On the evening of Wednesday, May 14, four Monticello students were involved in an altercation that occurred off of school grounds, after the regular school day. During the incident, two Monticello Central School students were violently injured, resulting in hospitalization at Albany Medical Center.

Although the incident did not occur on school property or during school hours, District administrators are cooperating fully with the Sullivan County Sheriff and the Village of Monticello Police Department during their ongoing investigations. Both agencies ask that if you have any information about the events of May 14 to please call the Monticello Police Department at 845-794-4422. All calls are confidential.

To ensure the safety of all Monticello students, the Sheriff’s Department and the Monticello Police have assured us that they will have an increased presence in both the high school and the middle school for the remainder of the week. Additionally, all teachers and staff are aware of the incident and are exercising vigilance with regard to student safety. All teachers will be present in hallways between classes to keep a watchful eye on student interaction.

The building-level crisis teams are in place to work with students and staff who need further support, would like to talk about the incident or who have further information they might want to share. Staff and parents should feel free to contact their school guidance counselor for advice on how to handle the concerns and feelings that their children might be experiencing as a result of this event.

District administration and staff would like to assure parents and guardians that the safety of all students is their primary concern. In addition to in-school safety officers, who are stationed throughout the high school and middle school, the district works in conjunction with both the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Department and the Monticello Police Department when matters of student safety arise.

“When it comes to the safety of our students, we try to be proactive,” said Monticello Central School District Superintendent Daniel Teplesky. “The district continues to place the well-being of all students and staff members among its highest priorities, and will implement every means at our disposal to assure that those priorities are met.”

Who to contact:

If you have information about the incident occurring on May 14, please call the Village of Monticello Police at:
(all calls will be kept confidential)

Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office: 845-794-7100
Monticello CSD: Superintendent Daniel A. Teplesky: 845-794-7700 ext. 70511
Monticello HS Office: Principal Lori Orestano-James: 845-794-8840
Monticello HS Guidance: Sheryl Manz: 845-794-8840
Monticello MS Office: Principal Nichole Horler: 845-794-3058
Monticello MS Guidance: Nancy Wilhelm: 845-794-3058

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