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Professional Development key to growing a school district


May 12, 2014...Monticello Central School District will be among hundreds of school districts nationwide represented at the International Center for Leadership in Education’s (ICLE) 22nd Annual Model Schools Conference. Ten Monticello representatives, including administrators, teachers and board members, will be attending the conference from June 22-25 in Orlando, Florida.

Conference participants will hear from representatives of 25 schools who will be showcasing cutting-edge strategies for student achievement, from elementary age through high school. Presenters will share their experiences about how they implemented changes that led them to securing a position in the Top 200 School Districts in the nation. Attendees will choose from more than 100 small-group sessions designed to help districts identify concrete approaches to dealing with the demands of the Common Core, technology advancements and the ever-changing educational climate.

“Hands-on professional development is key to identifying successful strategies for engaging our students and, in turn, growing our district,” Monticello Superintendent of Schools Daniel A. Teplesky said. “Our goal is to bring Monticello to the next level and to find ways to strengthen our school community. Information gleaned at this conference will lead us in a more focused direction.”


The conference is described as follows on the ICLE web site:  

Each year since its inception in 1992, the International Center for Leadership in Education has identified the schools across the nation and around the world that have made tremendous strides in student learning. Those schools are invited to share their successful strategies at our annual Model Schools Conference.
With 100+ concurrent sessions, Model Schools Conference will empower and inspire participants to:
• raise rigor and relevance for all students
• make marked and sustainable improvement in classrooms and school-wide immediately
• become energized to create positive change and improve instructional effectiveness
• implement ideas and strategies shared by the nation’s highest performing and rapidly improving schools
• benefit from countless networking opportunities with educators from schools across the U.S.
• transform student learning experiences by using instructional technology
• create and implement an effective, engaging learner environment


The cost of the conference is $1,802.50 per person, all inclusive (meals, transportation including airfare) or a total of $18,205.00, and is paid for through a professional development code created for educational opportunities like this conference.

“Professional development is all about the domino effect,” said Monticello’s Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction Tammy Mangus. “Our board members will communicate what they’ve learned with fellow board members and tie the community into their efforts to strengthen the school district. Our administrators and teachers who attend the conference will share valuable information with their colleagues. In turn, teachers will make changes in classroom instruction that more effectively engage our students. Energized, motivated students will lead to successful students. We can learn from districts that have been where we are today, and bring those experiences back to benefit our own community.”