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Cooke Students "Pledge to do their part" on Earth Day

students share ways to help mother earth

April 30, 2014

As part of the Earth Day celebration, third and fourth grade students from Cooke School participated in a “Pick your pledge and do your part!” contest sponsored by the Catskill Shopper. Students had to pledge to do something to help Mother Earth. Iysis Drayton, a third grader in Ms. Siegel’s class, and David Abreu, a fourth grader in Ms. Thompson’s 4th grade class won honorable mentions.

 The two winners of the “Earth Day Contest” were Luiz Bibaj from Ms. Olsen’s fourth grade class and Amalia Decker from Ms. Siegel’s third grade class. Luiz pledged to “Protect our Mother Nature. I pledge that I will clean up the trash from the park and the sides of the roads. Make sure we turn off the water and turn it off when we brush our teeth. Plant more trees and flowers to make the garden look beautiful. Recycle soda cans, glass bottles, paper, plastic and cardboard. Donate our time to help the community clean up or beautify the town. Start a compost pile to make your own soil. Turn off lights when you leave your house, unplug electronics when they are not in use. Reduce your trash amount by recycling food and donating it or giving it to animals.”

Amalia Decker pledged “I will recycle, reduce water consumption and not litter; I will not throw anything out my car window.”

These two students each won a tree or a shrub from one of the following generous sponsors, Delaware Valley Farm & Garden, Liberty Agway Home, Garden & Pet Inc., and Monticello Farm Home & Garden. These trees or shrubs will be planted to beautify the George L. Cooke Elementary School grounds.

EPIC Coordinator Jane Sorensen organized and promoted the event.

 Pictured are Earth Day contest and honorable mention winners (from left to right): Amalia Decker, David Abreu and Iysis Drayton. Missing: Luiz Bibaj