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EPIC Hosts Greek Presentation for Rutherford Second Graders

taste testing, power point bring greece to life

March 4, 2014

Rutherford's second grade teachers and EPIC Program Coordinator Jane Sorensen brought Greece to life in the Rutherford cafeteria on February 17. Second grade students enjoyed a power point presentation that touched upon all areas of ancient Greece - geography, traditions and more - and then participated in a taste test of authentic Greek foods. This event was the culmination of the students' unit on Greece.

The power point presentation was prepared by second grade teacher Ms. Balfour. Ms. Sorensen and Ms. Balfour presented an overview of Greece, including beautiful photos of the countryside and a review of geography. All four second grade teachers - Ms. Bockman, Ms. Balfour, Ms. DePaolo and Ms. Rodriquez - were servers at Rutherford's very own Greek restaurant.

The multi-purpose room was transformed into a dining experience with authentic Greek music playing as the students sampled delicious foods such as Taziki with Pita, stuffed grape leaves, gyro, and an incredible dessert known as galatumbutiko. Many of the students repeatedly asked for more of the delicious foods prepared by Yanni’s Restaurant in Monticello. Ms. Sorensen planned, organized and secured funds to make this dining experience a memorable one for Rutherford second graders.

Photo 1 (top right): Rutherford's second graders enjoy a presentation about Greece created by Ms. Balfour and presented by Jane Sorenson.

Photo 2 (above): Rutherford's second grade teachers served their students traditional Greek food prepared by Yanni's Restaurant.