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Superintendent urges Monticello community to contact legislators, spread the word

Important to keep the pressure on: tell legislators to end the GEA

March 26, 2014

Dear Parents and Guardians,

With just days until the April 1st State budget deadline, there is more uncertainty and anxiety than ever that our schools will not be properly funded – again. How many years must our schools (and therefore our children) continue to lose the educational funding needed to give them a sound education? When is enough enough? The time is Now.

Now is the time we need our parents, community members and stakeholders to tell our elected officials that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Please contact our elected officials and tell them that the (GEA) Gap Elimination Adjustment MUST BE fully reinstated to the State budget over the next two years.

The Monticello Central School District would receive approximately $6.25 million dollars in State Aid next year and $6.25 million dollars in State Aid the following year if this were to happen. With the budget nearing completion, this is a battle worth fighting for.

Contact Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther and Senator John J. Bonacic as they negotiate a budget in Albany today!

The Senate has a budget resolution on the table that, if adopted, would be devastating to school districts, including Monticello.
The Senate’s resolution proposes to fund Pre-K and After School Programming for New York City at the expense of desperately needed general education support for all New York students.


Call both our Assemblywoman and Senator today and deliver the following message:

1. Begin by saying, “I am calling both my Assemblyman and Senator today,” then…

2. Please support a state budget that makes an adequate amount of regular School Aid the priority – this means providing the $1.5 billion in regular aid that schools need to prevent further cuts to programs for our students. Without this support, our students will lose even more opportunities.

3. Please reject the Governor’s proposal for a property tax freeze limiting eligibility to districts that stay within the tax cap. A better alternative would be to decouple rebates from the tax cap – give rebates to districts that can show they have already adopted consolidation and sharing plans that have produced recurring savings. School district leaders and voters have been making tough choices to hold down spending and taxes. The tax freeze would put schools in a no-win position: either forego asking for revenues needed to preserve student programs, or seek an over-ride and ask voters to give up state tax rebates, raising the risk that the whole school budget will be rejected, causing more damages to programs our students need.

4. Please reject proposals for an education tax credit for private schools and to provide state Building Aid for charter schools. Both proposals would take money out of the state treasury, under-cutting the ability of the state to ensure adequate support for our district public schools which educate roughly 85 percent of the state’s children.

To contact Assemblywoman Gunther, call the Assembly switchboard at 518-455-4100.
To contact Senator Bonacic, call the Senate switchboard at 518-455-2800.

TOGETHER we can make a difference. Please let your voice be heard!

Your Partner in Education and Advocacy,

Daniel A. Teplesky
Superintendent of Schools