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Facility and Program Assessment study presented to the MCSD Board of Education

In planning for the future, the BOE looks deeper to determine the fundamental needs  and priorities for MCSD.

January 30, 2014

 On Thursday, January 16, the Western New York Educational Service Council presented the results of a study conducted at the request of the Board of Education to determine and improve student equity and facility usage by the district. The final results of the study, entitled, “Facility and Program Assessment for the Board of Education of the Monticello Central School District” can be found here.

A number of issues, as determined by the Board of Education, factored into the study and were analyzed by WNYES. Among the areas studied were:

• District and Building student enrollment data with projections;
• Facilities and their possible impact on student assignments;
• Transportation utilization as it is currently implemented and the impact that could occur with any reorganization of school attendance areas and/or grade level assignments;
• Equity levels, including the factors of socio‐economics, racial fairness and program access, particularly at the elementary level;
• Possible facility reconfigurations to achieve board of education goals including both the short and long term costs of any option;
• A review of stakeholder opinions on the board of education charge, as well as on any intra and/or inter-district issues;
• The possible impact on the school district should gaming be approved for the Monticello region.

The consultants presented six multi-leveled recommendations to the Board of Education at the January 16th meeting, for their consideration. The recommendations were based on the data collected, both qualitative and quantitative, the input and guidance provided by many individuals over the course of the study; and certain conditions and considerations specific to the district’s immediate needs and limitations.

Robert Christmann, Executive Director for the Western New York Educational Service Council noted “it is clear that the first priority of this Board of Education and superintendent are the students of the Monticello Central School District. For that they should be commended.”