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KLR Students Celebrate with "Fun Friday" Assembly

students share what they are thankful for

December 3, 2013

Friends at the KL Rutherford Elementary School attended their first “Fun Friday” assembly. The kindergarteners strutted their stuff, wearing handmade turkey hats while they bravely recited a poem.

Next, one student from each grade level shared what they were thankful for this year. While many of them were thankful for their families, it was worth noting that they were thankful for their class families as well. One child was thankful that her family moved to America to have a better life.

Pictured above are the KLR Students of the Month:
Elijah Trotman, Hannah Bell, Stephan LaTouche, Piper Purdy, Janeliz Valeno Cruz, Abby Morse, Jaden Conde, Angela Torro, Megan Bastone, Ky’ari Melendez, Lyana Granados, William Marrero, Victoria Collins, Valerie Fuentes, Peter Ruggerio, Neveah Davis, Analys Ortiz-Acevado, Jackie Salgado, Luis Portillo, William Weiss, Nicole Castro, Melissa Colotla Bravo, Alexander Kennedy, Ida Oestrich, Jaykim Abraham and Eddie Chen

Photo 2: Leo Jackson and Nevaeh Russell