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Cooke Students and Reader's Theater

students perform scripts based on "esperanza rising"

December 20, 2013

Cooke Elementary School's fifth grade students have been hard at work writing their own 3-5 minute Reader's Theater scripts based on "Esperanza Rising." This novel was read during Module 1, Unit 2.

The fifth graders have applied what they have learned about human rights. After learning about writing techniques such as dialogue, the students worked in small groups to write a script based on a passage (or passages) from "Esperanza Rising" which reflects characters' experiences with human rights challenges.

The students performed their scripts for an audience of parents, fourth grade students, Principal Sandra Johnson-Fields, and MCSD Assistant Superintendent Ms. Tammy Mangus.

Photo 1: Yesenia Kreeger’s fifth grade students Amaya Burgess, Justin Sherota Enjelay George, and Dylan Price perform their script for parents and special guests.
Photo 2: Gabriella Braga, Geralyne Hugo, Winson Kwok and Christopher Samaniego from Karen Stewart’s fifth grade class perform a piece from “Esperanza Rising."