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KLR Students Learn Safety Tips

Officer phil reminds students to "be safe, feel safe and stay safe"

November 27, 2013

Officer Phil and his pal, Lucky Duck visited the students at KLR to discuss important safety issues. This program is sponsored by the Monticello Police Department.

Be safe, feel safe, and stay safe.

That was the message Officer Phil told students to remember. They also learned to go to a VIP (very important person) if they had a problem.

Officer Phil utilized a coin trick to capture the attention of the students. Safety tips associated with this magic trick were to wear a bike helmet, fasten seat belts, and listen and follow directions on the bus.
Afterward, Officer Phil urged the students, parents, and teachers to go to the website and request additional materials. The children received activity books after the program.

Thank you to the Monticello Police Department for bringing this fun-filled and important program to our school!


Pictured: Abby Irelan (kindergartener) and Officer Phil
Officer Phil gives students safety tips.