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 Cooke Students Visit E. B. Crawford Public Library

5th graders sign up for library cards

November 22, 2013

Students from the G.L Cooke Elementary school have been visiting the E.B Crawford Public Library. Youth Services Librarian Joanna Goldfarb showed fifth grade students how to use various databases and apps so they are familiar with them when the students get their Ipads. She also had them sign up for library cards.

When Colleen Belgiovene student’s visited the library, Ms. Goldfarb read them garden-related stories, a topic students are studying in class. She also had them do a scavenger hunt that led them around the library and helped them learn what types of materials the library has to offer. In addition, Ms. Goldfarb reinforced the library's rules and policies. She plans on following up with the Cooke School students with a visit to their school.

Thank you to Ms. Goldfarb for helping our students learn more about the public library. With the help of Jane Sorensen, EPIC Program Coordinator, library visits are now being offered to students, as well as future library assemblies. The assemblies will help to promote the Crawford Library's mission in programming, as well as to enroll students in having access to a library card.