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Fifth graders participate in team building exercises

students learn how to face challenges

November 12, 2013

Fifth grade students in Yesenia Kreeger's recently read the book Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz. During class they were given a challenge to see how they respond when faced with tough choices, similar to Esperanza.

Students worked in teams to build a tower out of spaghetti, tape and string that would hold up a marshmallow. Before forming the teams, students recorded a video on the IPad, including audio, brainstorming their thinking. In groups, they shared their videos with the team and discussed how to proceed. Each team had 18 minutes to build the towers.

In the end, two teams were successful. The students then reflected on how they felt during and after the challenge and talked about how they empathize with Esperanza. The exercise concluded with a cute video of the song "High Hopes" to help students remember to stay positive and keep trying.

Photo Caption: Students Jack Lynn Allen, Honesty Bolden and Joanna Doolittle from Yesenia Kreeger's fifth grade class use their team building skills to build a tower.