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Academy of Finance Juniors' Summer Work Experience

Students gain hands-on experience

October 25, 2013

According to the National Academy Foundation, which oversees the Academy of Finance, the internship experience gives students a chance to gain real world, hands-on experience, make lasting professional connections, and discover more about their interests...The business partners who hire NAF academy students as interns benefit from the efforts of enthusiastic, prepared, and highly conscientious workers. NAF academy internships hone workplace skills such as teamwork, critical thinking, decorum, conflict resolution, time management, ingenuity, problem-solving, and a solid understanding of the importance of written and oral communication.

One of the benefits of the program is monitoring of student performance by an AOF teacher. The educator checks in with the employer as well as the student throughout the length of the internship to provide guidance and support whenever needed. During the school year, students prepared for their work experience by learning proper work place etiquette. In addition, each academy junior prepared a budget in June to plan for saving and spending wisely. They were responsible for keeping a log of their earnings and when they returned to school this month, they compared their budget with their log to determine any adjustments that should be made for the future. Completing an internship manual detailing what they learned about the work environment of their internship site is required for students to receive school credit for their experience. It includes information regarding policies and procedures at the work place, and requires students to read relevant articles from professional journals or magazines. The internship ends with a written evaluation prepared by the supervisor, who reviews the results with the student so they can receive feedback about their performance and learn how to improve for future work sites.

Organizations that provided internships for Academy of Finance students this summer include Sullivan Renaissance, Youth Economic Group, Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, Sullivan County Clerk’s Office, Sullivan County Office of Management and Budget, County Fountain Supplies, Inc., and The Center for Discovery. In addition, Boreal Water Collection, Inc., The Family Drug Store, and The Fat Lady CafĂ© collaborated with the academy teacher to make the work experience even deeper and more meaningful for the AOF students they had in their employment before the start of the summer.