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Students Enjoy Veggies Fresh From Their Garden

 veggies fresh from Little Sprouts cooke school garden are on the menu

October 25, 2013

Get ‘em while they are crisp and fresh!

Yes, healthy vegetables are served at the Cooke School CafĂ© everyday on Chef Andy’s menu. On Tuesday, October 15th, the diners were treated to an extra special offering: fresh carrots from the Little Sprouts Cooke School Garden. On the menu were sliced carrots, celery sticks and English cucumbers with a smidgen of low-fat ranch dressing. Jane Sorensen and Amy Garrett helped Chef Andy in introducing the lunchtime treat. Garden to Table is an initiative of the Monticello Central School District’s Health and Wellness Initiative. Next on the table are interesting fruits like the guava, the papaya, and the star fruit. Stay tuned as the Cooke students taste, sample, and learn to LOVE freshly grown food!
5th grade students Kayla Fernandez, Nikko Suarez, Michael Brown and Nikko Suarez help Art teacher Amy Garrett, Epic coordinator Jane Sorensen, and Chef Andrew Yeoman’s, with the Healthy Vegetable sampling.