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School will be in session on Monday, February 17 due to February 5th snow day


February 6, 2014…Due to school being closed on Wednesday, February 5, which used up the fifth snow day for the district, all Monticello Schools will be open on the President's Day holiday, Monday, February 17.

According to the Board of Education approved school year calendar, if five or more snow days are used prior to February 7, then schools will be open on Monday, February 17. The district has allocated for seven snow days total.

"The frigid temperatures and weather events have made it a difficult year in terms of weather-related decisions," said Monticello Superintendent Daniel Teplesky. "The fact remains that there is a set number of days that students must be in school, making it necessary to adjust the calendar at this time."

If six snow days are used prior to March 28, then students will lose April 21, the last day of spring break. However if no snow days are used between now and March 28, (or if seven snow days total have not been used) then the district will “give back” days starting with May 23, then April 11.

“Snow days and delays are very tricky,” said Teplesky. “There’s always going to be someone who is displeased, but we make decisions based upon the safety of our students.”