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Why are schools closing early today, Monday, Feb. 3?


The high school and middle school will dismiss at 1 p.m.; The elementary schools will dismiss at 2:15 p.m.
After school and evening activities have been cancelled.

The decision to close schools early is due to a number of factors:

1. In coordination with the town highway departments in the areas served by the MCSD Transportation Department, a one-hour early dismissal was recommended to give the crews enough time to plow and treat the roads.
2. Initially, there was only one inch of snow forecasted; that forecast has changed frequently since early this morning, and snow totals are now forecasted to be two or more inches. Since there was no precipitation before the buses began their routes this morning, a snow day was not an option at that time.
3. In the district, there are two bus runs – middle/high schools are dismissed one hour and 15 minutes earlier than the elementary schools. Today, should there be any type of delay during the 1 p.m. MS/HS bus runs, it carries over to the elementary schools’ bus runs. By dismissing one hour early, it allows all students to be dropped off and buses to return to the transportation center prior to dark.
4. Our first priority is ALWAYS THE SAFETY OF YOUR CHILDREN. No decision is made with any other intention.