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Accountants Visit Monticello High School's SCCC Financial Accounting Class

aLUMNI Nadia Morreale, CPA, CFE and Accountant Rebecca Nash share their experiences with AOF

January 9, 2014
“Do you like what you do?”
“How many hours a week do you work?”
“Do you find accounting fun because I do!”

These are just a few of the questions Nadia Morreale, CPA, CFE and Accountant Rebecca Nash answered for students during their visit to Monticello High School last month. Recent college graduates, Nadia and Rebecca are employed by Knack, Pavloff & Company, LLP, who also serve as the internal auditing firm for the district. Academy of Finance
The young professionals shared their college and work experiences, as well as stories of the individual paths each took to becoming a CPA.

They urged the students to work hard at whatever they choose as a career. A lively discussion about social media’s effect on the hiring process opened students’ eyes to the positive or negative impact that this form of communication can have.

Rebecca and Nadia also provided the class with a salary guide to answer that ever-important question: “How much might I earn?” In addition, the guide exposed students to other career opportunities available for graduates that earn an accounting degree.

Both women plan to visit again to share their knowledge with Academy of Finance juniors.