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Alumni Wanted for Composite Photo Project

Graduates Help build student-school connections


The Supportive Learning Environment (SLE) team is continuing to spearhead the Senior Gallery project, which is designed to create a greater connection between students and alumni. The idea was implemented when SLE co-chair Shari Biro realized that students who responded to a recent survey didn't feel connected to the high school. TheSLE photo composite of MHS Class of 2009 senior gallery is a composite of all of the senior pictures from each year. This is a new tradition that could start creating a greater student-school connection. The pictures will be hung in the high school cafeteria for all to see.

Since every high school senior needs to complete a community service project, Shari thought it would be a neat idea to get alumni classes involved. Each photo composite is very time consuming and costs about $150 to complete, but is well worth the effort.

Each semester, Shari visits with all of the Participation In Government classes to explain the project and give students the opportunity to do their community service here in their school community. Many seniors have stated that they are interested in adopting a graduated class to do the composite. They are excited about the idea and would like to contact alumni to get started raising the money. If they can get in touch with 15 alumni from each class, it will only cost them $10 per person to complete the project for that year. This year's graduating class is looking forward to completing as many of the graduation pictures for the cafeteria wall as they can.

Alumni interested in either helping support a project for their class or working with students on such a project should contact Ms. Biro at 794-0128, ext. 78929, or via e-mail at Call her to see if your year was completed!