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Panther mascot with PAWS signPBIS team teaches students about "P.A.W.S."

September 21, 2012

On September 19-21, the Cooke PBIS team taught students about “P.A.W.S.” -- an acronym for Positive attitude, Act respectfully and responsibly, Wise choices, Safety first. These are the Cooke Elementary School expectations for behavior.

The team members demonstrated good behavior choices so students would know what it would look like in the school as well as on the bus.

The district's mascot, the “Panther,” heard about the presentation and decided to stop by and encourage the students to have a Positive attitude, always Act respectfully and responsibly, make Wise choices, and practice Safety first.

Top photo: The Monticello Panther holds a sign explaining the acronym P.A.W.S.

Bottom photo: Lu Gilles, Elisa Mendels and the Monticello Panther explain P.A.W.S. to an assembly of first and second grade students.

PAWS assembly at Cooke