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Kindergarten Teacher Christine Earley plants with her studentsCooke students work on "Little Sprouts" edible garden

June 21, 2013

On May 31, Cooke Elementary School students put the finishing touches on the “Little Sprouts” edible garden. Throughout the day, students from each grade level added a little something to the garden.

The fourth graders marked where the wind chimes and stepping stones would be placed. The kindergarteners and third graders, with the help of the Sullivan Renaissance workers, planted the plants that they started growing in their classrooms.

The second and fifth graders placed the stepping stones and hung the wind chimes and bird feeders where the fourth graders designated them to go. Assistant Principal Rosemarie Romano helps some kindergarten students with plantingFinally, upon completion, the first graders took a garden tour.

Top photo: Kindergarten teacher Christine Earley hands out the plants to her students that they grew together in the classroom.

Bottom photo: Assistant Principal Rosemarie Romano helps some Kindergarten students with planting in the Little Sprouts garden.