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The Basha Kill En Plein Aire Student Art Show

June 18, 2013

First graders paint at the Basha KillOn May 13-15, students and teachers from Chase Elementary School took a field trip to the Basha Kill Area Wetlands and created water color paintings of what they saw.

They were accompanied by two members of the BKAA, Paula and Mike Medley, who presented information regarding the wetlands and the birds and animals that inhabit there. This collaborative project with the Basha Kill Area Association and our first, third and fifth graders is called “The Basha Kill: En Plein Aire.”

During this project, students learned about the unique wildlife, animals, birds and plants of the Basha Kill. They gained a greater understanding of the importance of wetlands in our community, and of preserving and protecting nature. Prior to attending their field trip, students learned different watercolor techniques in their Art class, by teacher and local artist Linda Holmes, and their Art teacher Laurie Kilgore. They learned how to properly use watercolors, and how to paint in the style of en plein aire painting. During their field trip to the Basha Kill, students created watercolor paintings, while observing the natural beauty around them. Students were also treated to several viewings of eagles that either perched off in the distance, or the few that flew nearby. Several students included the eagles in their paintings, as well as the landscape, water, plants, fish, insects, ducks, geese and birds that they saw.

The students and teachers enjoyed painting at the Basha Kill, and had a wonderful time. Prior to this trip, many of the students who attend Chase, had never been to the Basha Kill wetlands, even though it is only a few miles from our school. This trip was a wonderful experience, which we intend to continue to do in the years to come. On June 17th, from 5-7pm at the Chase Elementary School, Art work from the field trip will be on display. The Art Show is called “The Basha Kill En Plein Aire,” and is open to students, parents and the community.

Photo: Students in Terri Sager’s first grade class paint at the Basha Kill.