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Monticello seniors honored at SC BOCES 28th Annual Academic Achievement Dinner

June 13, 2013Photo of top Sullivan County Students for 2013

Ten Monticello seniors were honored for their outstanding achievements at the Sullivan County BOCES 28th Annual Academic Achievement Dinner on June 10. Held at Henning’s Local (formerly the Eldred Preserve), students from the eight Sullivan County school districts were joined by district superintendents, principals, board of education and family members to celebrate and reflect on the accomplishments of the Class of 2013.

Guest Speaker Karin Hilgersom, the new president of Sullivan County Community College reflected on the educational path that lead to where she is today. “Throughout my life, I have followed my academic dreams…” she explained. “My journey led me to find my life’s mission…once you find your mission in life, you will know it. So make sure you explore every option that is available to you.”

She left the students with the four key lessons that she learned throughout her life – be true to yourself; take care of yourself (mentally and physically); be open minded and be kind and compassionate.

Each student honored was given a copy of Roget’s Thesaurus (compliments of the Times Herald Record) and a copy of the poem, ‘The man who thinks he can’, by Walter D. Wintle.

Monticello seniors who were honored include: Mae Bonnaci, Simcha Glassman, Chase Israel, Brooke Madnick, Nicole Nittoli, Virginia O’Rourke, Kishan Patel, Annette Purcell, Brittany Rupp, and Saige Sanford.

Congratulations to the top Monticello students and to all Sullivan County Class of 2013 graduates!

In photo above (left to right) front row: Adam Murphy, Greg Stevenson, Joshua Lieberman, Eugene Doyle, Adam Dohrenwend, Jack Beimler, and Zachory Park. second row: Arjun Malhotra, Brittany Rupp, Simcha Glassman, Allie Ellmauer, Amanda Hulse, Saige Sanford, Virginia O’Rourke, Callie Barrett Bullis, Cortney Evans, and Nicholas Saccone. back row: Victoria Tingley, Christina Kackos, Annette Purcell, Melissa Goggin, Nicole Nittoli, Mikaela Balsano, Abigail Ellert, Anastasia Fitzpatrick, Janelle Laguio, and Samantha Scott