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Fifth graders create culture boxes

Written by the fifth grade students in Joe Prestianni's class

June 12, 2013

Students with their culture boxesWe were assigned to put together a Culture Box Project as part of our study on Immigration. We had learned about the experiences and struggles of many immigrant groups that have come to call America their home.

Our assignment was to make it more personal and learn about our own family’s culture. This included what country or countries our family was from, the geography and climate of that country, the flag, traditional celebrations, food, dress, and even some music!

All of us had to create and present the Culture Box to the rest of the class. We were able to be very creative and decorate the box so it reflected our culture. It was cool to see how different and beautiful the flags from other countries are. Some projects even had famous buildings from that country.

This project gave us a chance to speak in front of a group of people. Speaking in front of a group can be scary, but each of us got over it and did it!

One of the highlights of this project was that some of us brought in food that represents our cultures to share. It was great to try new and different foods from our friends’ cultural backgrounds! Most importantly, by doing this project we had to interview members of our family, this was a great way to connect our ancestors to our present lives.

Photo: Elizabeth Granados, Aubrey Soller, Zoraida Bottaro, Gina Nigro, Hannah Oestrich, Dylan DeGrote, Oscar Gaona, Joe Nicosia.