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Crystal Tweed demononstrates Warrior PoseStudents learn about yoga from classmate's mom

June 10, 2013

On April 12, yoga instructor Crystal Tweed visited students in Kimberly Thompson's fourth grade class to share her expertise of yoga. Tweed's daughter, Layla Mack, is a member of Thompson's class and joined her mom in a few yoga poses, and also helped guide the class towards a stress-free mind and body.

As an added surprise, Pedro Tweed of Tweed’s Gymnastics joined his wife to give students a few helpful hints on how to relax. There were three main poses that Mr. and Mrs. Tweed taught the class: chair pose, prayer pose and warrior pose.

The yoga practices for relaxation came just in time for state testing.

Photo: Crystal Tweed demonstrates the “warrior pose” to the fourth graders.