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Arborist visits first graders at KLR

May 9, 2013

Arborist Marc BeamishArborist Marc Beamish from Orange and Rockland Utilities recently wowed the first graders at Rutherford Elementary School as he shared his knowledge about trees. Beamish provided the students with information about trees and how they grow during his lively question and answer presentation.

A student asked Beamish about planting the apple seeds he’d saved from lunch, and so Beamish taught the students about scarification. If you plant fresh apple seeds now they will not grow into a tree because the seeds think its winter. The trick is to put the apple seed in the freezer for 3 months (mimicking winter) which fools it into growing.

Oohs and ahhs could be heard throughout the presentation as Beamish held up the biggest and smallest seeds and leaves in the world. As a special Arbor Day treat, each child was given a seedling to plant as well as a bookmark about Arbor Day.