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Andrew Yeomens speaks to studentsCooke students learn about farming, gardening

May 28, 2013

The Cooke Elementary School held a week-long parade of special community members speaking to our students. The speakers addressed each grade.

“Gardens by Kelley” came in to speak with the first grade about how honey bees are a very important part of our garden, and each student was able to taste the honey that her bees produced. She also spoke to the fifth grade students about composting. She taught them the compost process and also came back in to help them prepare for the compost.

For the kindergarteners and third graders, our very own Chef Andrew Yeomens visited to speak to them about farming and asked what might be good to plant in Denise Fragipane helps plan the gardenour Cooke School “Little Sprouts” edible garden.

The fourth grader’s expert was Denise Fragipane from the Sullivan Renaissance’s Program Office. She guided the students so they could map everything out that will be going into the garden.

The second graders have the job of recycling items to create ornaments for the garden and this was accomplished through the visions of Amy Garrett, art teacher.

Top photo: Food Services Chef Andrew Yeomens explains to the kindergarten and third grade students what they will plant in the Little Sprouts edible garden.

Middle photo: Denise Fragipane from the Sullivan Renaissance’s Program Office helps some of Patricia Whipple’s students with planning the placement of the Kelley from Gardens by Kelley shows her bee keeper hatgarden.

Bottom photo: Kelley from “Gardens by Kelley” shows the students her bee keeper hat.