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Grain MacGregor performs for studentsIvy Vine Players help students kick-off STEM project

Cooke Elementary School celebrated its second annual STEM kick-off with a visit from the Ivy Vine Players, who generated excitement for this year's STEM project (science, technology, engineering, mathematics).

The focal point of the STEM school-wide project is the “Little Sprouts” garden. Grain MacGregor was the special garden puppeteer who energized our students and prepared them to bring their research studies to life. The visit was made possible by Cooke/KLR PTO and EPIC.

Top photo: Grain MacGregor from the Ivy Vine Players performs as the special garden puppeteer for the Cooke kindergarten and first grade students at the STEM project kick-off.

Visitors at the STEM kick-off eventBottom photo: Denise Fragipane, program officer with the Sullivan Renaissance Program, Alexandria Dietz, first grader; Grain MacGregor, puppeteer from the Ivy Vine Players; and Jane Sorensen, EPIC coordinator.