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Board of Education Candidates on the May 21, 2013 Ballot

April 29, 2013

Also on the May 21 Ballot: Board of Education Candidates

District residents will go to the polls on Tuesday, May 21 to elect three Board of Education members for the seats of incumbents Yvonne Housman, Ellen Nesin and Stacey Sharoff. All the seats are for 3-year terms. Yvonne Housman is not running for her seat.

The following candidates are running for the BOE seat currently held by Yvonne Housman:

Jennifer Kelly - Transportation Security Officer, 7-year resident of Monticello
Candidate statement: I want to serve on the Board of Education for the Monticello Central School District to become an active member of our community and to more closely monitor the education of my child and other children. I have recently submitted my application for the Monticello Fire Department to serve as a volunteer for scene support. I have been a resident of the village for seven years and I am currently employed by the Department of Homeland Security/Transportation Security Administration as a Transportation Security Officer. I have fifteen years as a civil servant and believe in supporting our government to preserve America.

Frank Segro - Resident of Wurtsboro

Barbara O'Rourke - Stay at home mom, 19-year resident of Forestburgh
Candidate statement: I would like to serve on the Monticello Board of Education because I am committed to helping our students achieve the highest quality education so they can graduate and succeed in today's world. I have always been an involved parent, am a parent member of our Committees on Special Education, and served on the Board of Education from 2008 - 2010. I believe my knowledge and experience would be an asset as we move forward.

The following candidate is running for the BOE seat currently held by Ellen Nesin:

Ellen Nesin - Retired MCSD kindergarten teacher and businesswoman, 43-year resident of Monticello
Candidate statement: As I look back on my first term on the MCSD BOE, I realize that we faced many challenges and will continue to do so. We are expected to do more with less, for example, due to unfunded mandates, lower state aid, rising costs of benefits and a 2% tax cap. What we teach our children and when, as well as the evaluation of teachers and administrators, continue to change. I bring years of teaching and business experience to the school board and remain a strong advocate for our children. I am active in my community, easily accessible, and work hard to make informed decisions. The next five years are critical. I hope to remain a part of the process as our school board makes immediate decisions as well as those that will affect the future. My goal is to ensure that our children have the best education within the best possible learning environment.

The following candidates are running for the BOE seat currently held by Stacey Sharoff:

Stacey Sharoff - Special Education teacher, 12-year resident of Monticello
Candidate statement: I want to continue to serve on the Board of Education because I believe our public schools are important to families, our community and our nation. Every child deserves the best teachers, programs and opportunities that taxpayers can afford. It is the responsibility of the School Board to reflect the goals and ideals of the community; to set the district’s direction, to ensure alignment with state and federal regulations, account for progress and continuously improve the district while remaining fiscally prudent. I am committed to ensuring that our schools are serving the needs of all our students and their families.

Terry Gray, Sr. - Truck driver, 14-year resident of Smallwood
Candidate statement: I want very much to serve on the Monticello Central School District Board of Education, because having been through the district myself, and having my six children do the same, I have seen many changes good and not so good. I would like to contribute to decisions that will help make the lives of all children better. As well as giving them a positive and wonderful experience while showing fairness and compassion. And, in making decisions that will put the right people in where they belong to assist in achieving these goals.