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Dental hygienist teaches students about healthy smilesDental Hygienist Sue Purcell and Cady Marban-Rodriguez

April 25, 2013

How much sugar is in your soda? TOO MUCH! With the help of Sue Purcell, PRASAD dental hygienist, Cady Marban-Rodriguez illustrates that there are about 17 grams of sugar in every bottle of soda.

Mrs. Purcell demonstrates how to properly brush and floss teeth. She also discussed ways to eat healthy snacks to keep your teeth clean.

Since 1998, PRASAD CDHP has served more than 68,409 children at over 17 different community sites in Sullivan and Ulster counties. The Mobil Dental Clinic provides a full range of services on the school campus where students can go for comprehensive preventive and primary health care services.

Photo: PRASAD Dental Hygienist Sue Purcell with student Cady Marban-Rodriguez.