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Third graders use imaginations with cardboard box creations

Third graders with their Not a Box creationsMarch 22, 2013

 Diana Hartman's third grade class recently used their imaginations to make creations out of cardboard boxes.

The students had recently watched the video, “Caine's Arcade," about a boy who uses his creativity and makes a cardboard arcade. It went viral and people came from all over to see his arcade. They then listened to the story, “Not a Box,” by Antoinette Portis, about a little boy who uses his imagination to make his cardboard box into many different things.

As an inquiry lesson, the students took a cardboard box and with their imagination and creativity created different items. They brought them in and shared what it was, how they made it, and who helped them. All students were extremely enthusiastic about this project. They then wrote letters to Caine and described their box ideas and how they felt inspired by Caine.

Photo: Diana Hartman’s third graders with their “Not a Box” creations.