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Students use Scientific Method to present topics

March 23, 2013

Science fairs, like the one held at KLR on March 20, offer students an opportunity to practice scientific investigation and experiments and allows students to choose their own science topic and practice being a scientist or engineer.

Working alone or with a partner, students in grades 3-5 researched and presented topics using the Scientific Method. The younger students in grades K-2 worked as a class unit to investigate and create their projects.

Winners from the science fair:

Third Grade

First Place
Nylaina Yearwood - Tornado in a Bottle
William Weiss - DNA of a Strawberry
Noah Reifenheiser - The Wonders of Space

Second Place
Christian Reid - Where’s Your Water?
Gabriella Viera - How to Measure Wind
Cavan Leaney-Levenson - Evaporation and Exploration

Third Place
Derek Santiago - M&M Camouflage
Yazmin Flores - The Stages of the Monarch Butterfly
Erica Stein - Gloop

Honorable Mention
Maria Marrero/Greilish Valentin-Villafane - Colorful Hydrating Celery
Aden Stanton - The Loch Ness Monster
Aaren Creegan - Benefits of Trees

Fourth Grade

First Place
Renee Schreiber - Static Electricity
Isaac Mogel & Adam Cavello - Water Bending
Ryan Gottlieb - Food Battery

Second Place
Denzel Collier & Henry Ullaguari - Lemon Battery
Destiny Staten & Wendy Rodriguez - Changing Colors
Paul Soto - How to Purify Water
Cassandra Turner - Diaper Experiement

Third Place
Zoe Moore - Where did the sugar go?
Elana Woodard & Dacota Faison - Rock Candy
Amanda Bassi & Jailyn Jones - How Liquids Float & Sink

Honorable Mention
Mia Valencia & Emiliana Fernandez - Lava Lamp
Jesney Nunez-Santos & Destiny Pagan - How To Make A Lava Lamp.
Isaiah Hiciano - Does Classical Music Stimulate the Mind?

Fifth Grade

First Place
Zoraida Bottaro & Amelia Gleyzer: Fizzy Rocket
Mayra Leon-Hernandez : The Cry Maker
Olivia Steigler: Hydraulic Fracturing

Second Place
Gabrielle Acosta-Herrera - Penguins and Their Ancestors
Elizabeth Granados - Colorful Candid Solar System
Hanna Oestrich - Ripening Bananas

Third Place
Antoine Reid - Kaboom in a Bag
Julianna Grillo - Germinator
Isabella Tagliamonti - Human Lungs

Honorable Mention
Greish Valentin-Villafame - The Nose Knows
Aubrey Soller - Fire Needs Air to Survive