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Students learn about coffee from local roasting company

March 22, 2013Jodie and Shaun from Java Love with students

On March 21, employees of Java Love, a woman-owned, artisan coffee roasting company located in Bethel, New York, visited students at the Monticello High School.

Java Love owner Jodie and her colleague, Shaun, presented facts about the company and its coffee to students in Senora Leyden, Senor Rodriquez and Senora Sheskin's sixth period Spanish classes. They discussed the nature of coffee and how it was discovered by a goat herder in the 9th century.

Java Love supports Fair-trade, Rainforest preservation, organic farming, sustainability, and economic development. They use only the highest quality green beans which are roasted in small batches to highlight the unique character of each variety. The students had the opportunity to try several different types of naturally decaffeinated coffees. You can find more information about this local company at the Java Love website.