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Students learn about Egypt from classmate

Chris Emery and JosephMarch 22, 2013

Third graders in Carolyn Rojas' class have been studying a variety of countries in the library. Chris Emery, the school media specialist, read a book about Egypt and showed students highlights of the country on her Smartboard.

Joseph Ebrahim, a third grade student, was invited to share his knowledge of the county he was born in. His classmates were able to hear all about the places he visited, such as the great pryamids and the historical buildings of Cairo. The students listened intently as he told them about the foods he enjoyed and the sports he played while living there.

Joseph even rode a camel in the desert! His favorite sports are cricket, tennis and soccer. Joseph hobbies also include collecting fish and Pokemon cards. Many students also spoke about the country they were born in. The Rutherford school is an International Baccalaureate school.

Photo: Joseph Ebrahim and School Media Specialist Chris Emery.