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Fifth graders write letters, collect items for Marines

Art Teacher Amy Garrett with students and care packageMarch 15, 2013

Fifth grade students recently presented Art Teacher Amy Garrett with letters that they wrote to her son, LCPCL Danny Garrett.

Garrett recently visited the fifth graders in Connie Ast and Jeanmaire Brenner’s classes, where she presented a Social Studies lesson that included geography, map skills, climate conditions and a military tradition to fifth grade students in Connie Ast and Jean Marie Brenner’s class. See the article

As a follow up to her visit, the students collected items and wrote letters that will be sent to LCPL Garrett and his fellow Marines, who are stationed in Afghanistan. The students collected lip balm, chewing gum, chicken noodle soup and energy bars, and wrote heartfelt letters that included many questions about LCPL Garrett’s deployment in Afghanistan. The students also thanked him and his fellow soldiers for their service to our country.

Photo: Art Teacher Amy Garrett with fifth graders and their care package and letters.