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Third graders learn about Egyptian culture from classmate's mother

February 27, 2013

Yaseen and Rainia Elsayed show third graders Egypt on a globeStudents in Joana Dutcher’s third grade class were recently studying about different cultures and were visited by Rainia Elsayed, mother of classmate Yaseen Elsayed, who spoke with the students about the Egyptian culture.

The Elsayed family is from Egypt, and Mrs. Elsayed gave a brief overview of the pyramids and what life is like living in Egypt. She also taught the students some aspects of her religion, Islam.

Each student came up with four questions for Mrs. Elsayed. They included: How are your schools different from American school? How many languages do you speak? What are the pyramids like? Have you ever been to the pyramids and how were they built?

Mrs. Elsayed ended her presentation by sharing a traditional Egyptian dessert with the students. Mrs. Dutcher's students then had to compare a culture they had already learned about this year with that of the Egyptians.

This presentation is a continuation of the culture series that Mrs. Dutcher is working on with her students this year.

Photo: Yaseen Elsayed and his mother, Rainia, show his classmates where Egypt is located.