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Art students and teachers with pop art drawingsArt students learn about pop artist Andy Warhol

February 25, 2013

Art students at Cooke Elementary School have been busy drawing by observation. The students learned about famous Pop Artist Andy Warhol and his contributions to art history.

This art lesson, designed by Art Teacher Amy Garrett and Student Teacher Christine Denman, had a dual purpose. Each student was asked to bring in a can with an interesting label to draw during their art period and then the cans were donated to a local food pantry as part of a community outreach project.

The young artists emulated the style of Warhol and were caring IB citizens at the same time.

Photo: Indyah Pellot, Art Student Teacher Christine Denman, Enjelay George, Art Teacher Amy Garrett, Adrianna Pressano, and Madison Balck showing off their Andy Warhol pop art drawings.