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The SchoolMessenger Notification System Utilized to Communicate with Parents and Staff

September 1, 2012

SchoolMessenger is utilized by the Monticello School District to notify parents and staff of upcoming school events, emergency situations, closings and delays, etc. SchoolMessenger allows the district and each of its schools to send messages via telephone, email and text.

SchoolMessenger replaced School News Notifier except for the SNN “District News” category which is used to send district-level news to the general public.

The SchoolMessenger system is programmed to contact the primary telephone number for each family as it is listed in the SchoolTool student information database.

If a parent/guardian needs to personalize messaging to include other caregivers or if the primary contact person or staff member would like to receive texts and emails in addition to voice messages, the SchoolMessenger system allows them to input secondary contact information for themselves and others.

This can be done by contacting your child’s school principal who will supply you with a form requesting an access code to the website where you can make the changes you desire.

When you receive the access code and website link, please have the following information ready to update your account:

  1. Your secondary contact information, such as a cell phone number or email address,
  2. The complete names of the other individuals you would like contacted via SchoolMessenger,
  3. The correct contact information for all other persons you want added to your account.

For questions about SchoolMessenger, please contact your child's school as follows:

Monticello High School - (845) 794-8840, ext. 10915

Robert J. Kaiser Middle School - (845) 796-3058, ext. 20901

Emma C. Chase Elementary School - (845) 888-2471, ext. 50900

George L. Cooke Elementary School - (845) 794-8830, ext. 40900

Kenneth L. Rutherford Elementary School - (845) 794-4240, ext. 30900